Company Profile

In 2010, dairy farmers in Tainan founded Taiwan Dairy Farm. The first product “LIOUYING PURE FRESH MILK”, with its no-adjustment, no-additives, 100% natural quality, quickly won consumer recognition.

Later, under new brands such as “LIOUJIA VILLAGE” and “MOTHER'S CREATION”, it successfully launched the farmers’ products into the mainstream market. With enterprise-oriented organization and product management, Taiwan Dairy Farm provides consumers with the quality of products they trust with confidence.

Taiwan Dairy Farm recognizes that agriculture is not about each going their own way. It is essential to join forces of the breeders, professional manufacturers and sales channels in an open and cooperative manner. Only then can consumers enjoy peace-of-mind with products that are high quality and affordable, achieving a win-win situation.

It's time for Taiwanese agricultural product brands to open up and cooperate. With joint efforts, we will expand the horizons and create a new era for Taiwan’s agriculture!