Partners who Work Hard with us!

Farmers unite to promote Taiwan’s agriculture! Taiwan Dairy Farm works with excellent farmers. Together we strive for the balance between agricultural production, sales, and marketing, giving Taiwan's agriculture a renewed vitality.


Dairy Farms

Taiwan Dairy Farm started in Liouying dairy farm area and launched the first product LIOUYING PURE FRESH MILK. We have now attracted more dairy farmers to join, including those in Xiaying, Yanshuei, and Jiali districts....more


Chicken Farms

LINGXIAN NATIVE CHICKEN FARM in Tuku Township, Yunlin County has the most amount of native chickens in Taiwan. From breeding, rearing, electric stunning, to processing, each procedure is carefully managed. A true expert of Taiwan's native chickens....more


Processing Centers

Taiwan Dairy Farm works with experienced food processing plants with decent environment. With stringent requirements for standardized quality control and inspection, we turn quality produce into delicious and safe food products for consumers. ...more